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Sep 102013

We are glad to announce that ANV Design is growing an that Karolina Gebka is our new talent. She studied in the Art Academy of Lodz. Her specialisation is graphic design, but she also loves painting, drawing and photography.

On her graphic projects she always uses her experience and knowledge taken from other fields especially painting and photography. She likes to experiment with art and design and always find a common points between them. She is interested in art, especially art in space/public space.

She is from Lodz the third-largest city in Poland. In the recent years, an identity of Lodz as a city of culture has been created. Former avant-garde and artistic experiment centre becomes a modern art centre. Museums look after the heritage of pre-war artists and young works of art change postindustrial interiors into avant-garde art centers. Growing every year calendar of Lodz festivals, became a cultural “brand” of our city – “ Festival Lodz”.

Lodz needed to find some modern way to attract people attention. A lot of festivals like design, komix, photo festival or well known fashion week weren’t enough. The city scares, old, grey and destroyed tenements and factories, has turned into a street art museum. Some people found it inspiriting… and now her city look like this…

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