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Jul 042013

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret - Le CorbusierAn Atlas of Modern Landscapes is the name of the exhibition that is taking place in the MoMA (June 15–September 23, 2013). It is the largest exhibition ever produced in New York of Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, 1887–1965) oeuvre. The exhibitions covers his work as an architect, interior designer, artist, city planner, writer, and photographer. The exhibition show the ways in which Le Corbusier observed and imagined landscapes throughout his career, using all kind of artistic techniques, from his early watercolors of Italy, Greece, and Turkey, to his sketches of India, and from the photographs of his formative journeys to the models of his large-scale projects. His paintings and drawings also incorporate many views of sites and cities.

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Le Corbusier was one of the most productive artist of all times. A sum up of its ‘oeuvre’:

- 32,000 Architectural plans and drawings
- several Furniture designs
- approx. 550 Oil paintings
- 25 Enamels on metal
- approx. 7,000 Original drawings, aquarelles, pastels, collages
- 13,000 Travel sketches
- 25 Sculptures
- approx. 29 Tapestries
- 52 Books
- approx. 150 Original graphic works

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“…in the future, at the schools Le Corbusier will be taught on the same level as Galilee, Descartes and Leonardo da Vinci. It will be discovered, that he was not only one of the great geniuses of world history, but also a creator in diverse activities and that he has also clearly marked a change in our civilisation….”
(Microcarnets Forces, Vives, Jean Petit )

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