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May 062013

One of the most liberal newspaper in Britan, The Guardian is targeting now new audience in America. The newspaper will be launched soon on the US. In order to atract their new audience, they have created a very stricking advertising campaing together with the illustrator Noma Bar. The posters depict both sides of main political debates in the US, such as gun control, internet privecy, the use of condoms in the adult film industry and women in the military. Each illustration represents one opinion of the issue. When the poster is flipped, illustrates the opposite view. Very smart way to integrate the 2 different opinions.

People are encouraged to take a photo of the side they support and upload the photo to their Instagram and/or Twitter account .

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The Origins of The Guardian Newspaper
The Manchester Guardian was founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821, and was first published on May 5 of that year. The paper’s intention was the promotion of the liberal interest in the aftermath of the Peterloo Massacre and the growing campaign to repeal the Corn Laws that flourished in Manchester during this period. The Guardian was published weekly until 1836 when it was published on Wednesday and Saturday becoming a daily in 1855, when the abolition of Stamp Duty on newspapers permitted a subsequent reduction in cover price (to 2d) allowed the paper to be published daily.


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