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Apr 052013

Our colleagues of ANV PRODUCTION were yesterday recording the interesting TEDx Lausanne event.

What is TEDx?

TED created a program called TEDx, consisting of local, independently organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. “In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”, live speakers and a few pre-recorded and live TEDTalk videos are combined to arouse deep discussion. Hundreds of TEDx events have already been organized around the world.

What was this TEDx about?

This TEDx was about Positive Disruption, interesting subject developed by 3 lives speakers plus others speakers from Seattle. All of them inspire us with their ideas for change.

Positive disruption can be a vital catalyst for change, allowing us to explore new and exciting possibilities. At this year’s TEDxLausanneChange, our dynamic presenters challenge existing ideas to give way to new ones. The event includes three live presenters that inspire us with ideas for change that are being developed here in Lausanne and around Europe. Topics range from social entrepreneurship and new technologies to health and community development. We invite our participants to draw inspiration from these talks and ignite their own dreams of making a positive impact on the world.”

Inspiring talks, we will think how ANV can make a positive impact on the world…. And you , how you will change the world?

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Tedx and ANV Porduction

Tedx and ANV Production

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