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Dec 192012

Josh Fassbind

Born and raised in the international city of Geneva, Switzerland, Josh Fassbind is a creative photographer with a multicultural background: he is both Swiss and American. Through his creative work, he focus on bringing together Europe’s precision and tradition and America’s fresh and easy-going style.We have already worked with him in several projects, and our we are very happy with the results.

FACES OF GENEVA – Exposition in the Masion Tavel

Until Sun 24/02/13 you can see his interesting exposition “Faces of Geneva” in the  Maison Tavel .

“Geneva is a melting pot at the heart of Europe. The presence of numerous international organisations and companies as well as the standard of living encourage large numbers of people from other countries every year to move to the city at the end of the lake. These residents from the four corners of the globe give Geneva its special character as an international city. I wanted to meet these Genevans in transit or by adoption in order to reveal their visions of my native city. For each photograph, I asked the participants to pose in their favourite part of the city or of the canton and to describe their experience of the city in a single word. Faces of Geneva is a process of discovery and sharing on the theme of a common place of residence, a body of work on the multiculturalism that characterises our city”.

Photos by Josh Fassbind

You can see more of his work in



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