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Jan 272013

The korean artist Choi Jeongmoon based today in Berlin has been working with black light for several years now. Wool threads trace the contours of rooms and furnishing, at times in a decisive, geometric manner, at other times in the form of animated handwriting. UV rays split the light reflected from thread drawings on dim wall surfaces, which retreat into the darkness. The grid-like mesh of threads criss-crosses through the room, creating a labyrinth or vaulted dome shapes, transforming the space and relationships within the space in a magical, poetic way. With confident imagination, elegance and incredible beauty, a balance is created between the construct of traced boundaries and a boundless continuum.

Jan 212013

For a promotional campaign, General Electric in collaboration with Naive studio in Shanghai, have created this excellent animated clip. The design of this sequence is build on paper and origami. The result of this work takes the form of a minute in which we can discover the technological history of China until the operation of the electricity.